Needs! We’ve got em’!

Right now, there are some urgent needs. Though the laborers on ground are plentiful, the funds are not. If there is something you, or someone you know, or you along with a group of “someones” you know can do, let us know! This school and home is a place of much love, protection, provision, and education for many and we want it to be equipped to operate as such. Either reply to this entry or email Sarah at and she, or someone from the Partners in Hope team will get in touch with you gladly!!!

We will start with the most immediate needs, as these are things that must meet code in order that the school remain open in January. The needs extend beyond this list, though, so if there is something you want to do or an amount you want to give, that’s awesome! Just contact us.

Immediate needs and the estimated cost:

  • Fire Extinguishers (4)- $520
  • Fire Alarm System (1)- $560
  • Fence and Gate for protection of the children and the grounds: $2,600
  • Electricity (The Ugandan officials are willing to pay 70% of the electricity installation if 30% can be contributed): $3,063 (Total cost is $10,210 but if we can get someone to adopt this project and raise $3,063 the remaining will be covered!!!)
  • Plastering walls of the school (7classrooms) and dormitory as well as placing windows and doors on the school and dormitory and finishing brick work on the buildings: $2,000 (About $8,568 is the total needed for the plastering, doors, and windows and $7,800 HAS BEEN RAISED in this regard so now $1,968 is NEEDED TO COMPLETE these jobs….they are grouped together as they should, for the sake of the building, be completed at one time.)
  • Bus
  • Van

Other Needs: It is estimated that, to run the school for a year and provide the desired (not extravagant) care for the children, the money needed to cover all operating cost is $76,000. That is based on the current provisions of all needs for the 80-90 children currently enrolled.

Also, there is much needed in order to grow into the land that God is providing. The desire is for the boys and girls to have separate dormitories (now  a wall divides them), there to be a library for the children, provisions of a simple administration area, desks in all of the classrooms, beds for all of the children, clean cooking areas, appropriate bathroom accommodations, and more. The estimated cost to get the boarding school where it can function at the level we see best for the children is $104,000.

Beyond these needs, there are many things that we desire to impliment in order to help make the home and school a bit more sustainable. For instance, we want to have a posho mill in order that the children can not only make their own food and save money in this way but can also sell posho (a common porridge made from ground corn) to surrounding villages and schools. We also want a piggery :).

In the future, we hope to have funding extend to the point where we can not only have more children protected and provided for in these ways but also have the education extend by having a secondary school and then having provisions for the children to attend university.

We know these numbers are BIG but we know our God is full of love and provision for the least of these. If He invites you to be part of this, we ask that you’d say, “yes!” and don’t doubt that He uses me and you, as silly as it may seem, to accomplish great things in His name! I can only say “Thank You, Lord,” that You’ve let me see Your eye upon and heart turned toward this very vulnerable population!

Want more info? Want to help?Never doubt how much a willing spirit is worth! Let us know if you want to take on a project!


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